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Pain Relief Program for Athletes

Welcome to the TitaniumPhysique pain relief program. From this dashboard, you can access everything you need to treat and prevent pain from lifting weights, including neck, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, back, knee, leg, and foot pain.

Program Overview

Get Better (Fix Chronic Inflammation)

Perform Better (Alkaline)

Feel Better (Fix Muscle Restriction)

Treatment [Explainer]

Explainer Videos: root causes of tendonitis and muscle injury pain - and the best way to cure it

Treatment [Exercise]

Self-myofascial release (SMR) exercises to treat & prevent tendonitis and muscle pain

Power Strength Mobility

Mobility exercise to strengthen injured muscles and stabilize weak joints

Culprit Muscles [Coming Soon]

Let's explore and discover the muscles at the source of pain


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Bonus Videos

Bonus videos included in the TitaniumPhysique program


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I believe individuals who engage in weight training deserve an accessible, affordable, and sustainable solution to tackle injury or pain at its root cause, not just its symptoms. By offering the program at zero cost, I aim to make this effective solution available to as many as possible. Join us and spread the word ❤

Nurudeen Tijani, Founder of TitaniumPhysique

Nurudeen Tijani

Founder, TitaniumPhysique

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