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The Fastest Way To Cure Tendonitis Pain From Lifting Weights

3d illustration of a man doing barbell squats with inflammatory tendonitis joint pain in shoulders elbows wrists hips knees feet

This program will help you:

Treat tendonitis and cure muscle pain: neck, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, back, knee, foot
Self-treat and relieve tendonitis at home fast
Fix muscle pain or joint aches from lifting weights, tendonitis pain during workout
Counteract and prevent tendonitis from coming back when you resume working out

Healed my body and took back control

As an athlete in my 30's, I struggled with muscle injuries and tendonitis pain when lifting weights. TitaniumPhysique provided me the knowledge, techniques and tools to heal my body and take back control of my training. I cured stiff neck, shoulder pain, elbow pain, forearm pain, wrist pain, lower back pain, knee pain, and foot pain. TitaniumPhysique enables me to train pain-free like I did in my 20's.

Nurudeen Tijani

Bodybuilder | NPC Athlete | Physique Competitor

More Gains. Less Joint Pain, Guaranteed!

The #1 tendonitis self-treatment solution for athletes. A complete all-in-one solution to cure tendonitis pain from lifting weights. Created by athletes, for athletes.

TitaniumPhysique Program
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Eliminate shoulder pain when lifting
Eliminate elbow pain when lifting
Eliminate forearm pain when lifting
Eliminate wrist/hand pain when lifting
Eliminate upper/mid-back pain
Eliminate lower back pain when lifting
Eliminate knee pain when squatting
Eliminate foot pain during workout

After TitaniumPhysique...

You'll know how to get rid of tendonitis pain from lifting weights, without spending money on expensive products
You'll be able to exercise and lift, without tendonitis or muscle injury pain, even if you've had tendonitis or joint pain for years
You'll be able to lift weights without fear of injury. Achieve your physique goals faster. Imagine the possibilities.

This program is for you if...

You have tendonitis, joint pain, or muscle injuries preventing you from lifting weights, building muscle, staying fit
You've tried joint supplements, vitamins, and other health products or remedies that have not worked
You're an athlete, bodybuilder, physique athlete or involved in fitness activities like lifting weights

Topics covered in this program...

How to use new techniques and highly-effective manual therapy tools to get rid of muscle injury pain and tendonitis pain
How to counteract and prevent muscle injury pain, joint aches, or tendonitis from coming back when lifting weights
How to treat and fix common weight training tendonitis: shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, back, knee, foot/heel, neck pain

Here's What You'll Get Today

TitaniumPhysique Program
As Featured In AskMencom

How-To Videos

Videos demonstrating how to treat and fix muscle injury pain and tendonitis: neck, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, upper back, lower back, knee, foot and heel

Manual [Digital]

How to apply the simple TitaniumPhysique program. Step-By-Step instructions to fix and relieve tendonitis or muscle injuries from lifting or during exercise

Power, Strength & Mobility

Full-body joint mobility exercise videos for the neck, shoulders, elbow, wrist, knees, upper back, and lower back

Mobile App & Members Area

Instant access to program from your mobile device or computer (App demo) and (Dashboard demo). Available for Android, iOS

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Learn how to pack on pounds of new muscles in just 30 days.


Effortlessly lose weight and get ripped abs. See results in just 7 days.


Achieve your physique goals sooner, and keep your results permanently.


Get stronger, more flexible, and avoid common weight lifting injuries.


Discover a powerful technique to get faster results from your workouts.


Step-by-step secrets to crush the competition in your next contest.


Sneaky shortcuts and the best abs workout to get rock-solid abs fast.


Add power, strength, size. Easy to follow weight training video series.

About Us

At TitaniumPhysique, we believe there needs to be a more accessible, affordable, and sustainable solution to help athletes who do weight training but struggle with muscle injuries or tendonitis get relief quickly.

We created TitaniumPhysique to empower athletes with a fast, affordable, and sustainable way to conveniently cure and counteract muscle injuries and tendonitis pain.

The TitaniumPhysique program is a complete all-in-one tendonitis self-treatment solution for athletes. The program will show you the fastest way to eliminate tendonitis from weight training and quickly bring relief to your workout.

Nurudeen Tijani Author at TitaniumPhysique

Nurudeen Tijani (aka, T.J.)
Founder TitaniumPhysique

Personal Trainer | Nutritionist | Wellness Coach

Natural Physique Athlete | Yoga Instructor

Featured: AskMen.com and WomensFitness

Member: American Chronic Pain Asso. (ACPA)

risk-free money back guarantee

110% Money Back Guarantee

Eliminate tendonitis pain or muscle injury pain when lifting weights — or your money back! Simply follow the step-by-step TitaniumPhysique program, and you WILL make progress in the first 30 days. If the techniques in the TitaniumPhysique program does not help you cure or significantly reduce tendonitis pain or muscle injury pain during exercise, contact us and receive 110% your purchase price back [support @ titaniumphysique.com]. For details click here.


Reviews & Testimonials

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California, US

"Thanks for all the tips on the stretching. My back has gotten a lot better after all the tips that you gave me. Thanks a lot."*



"I was able to heal my back/knee pain and get back to the sports I love. I was so excited when I found this actually worked."*


Arizona, US

I've been squatting and was experiencing knee pain. TJ showed me techniques to roll out my leg. It immediately relieve my knee pain. TJ was a great resource and trainer.*


Arizona, US

I was having shoulder pain. TJ showed me how to alleviate the pain. After a week, the shoulder pain has definitely lessened. It feels really good. I really appreciate it.*


Arizona, US

I was having forearm and elbow pain at the gym. TJ helped a lot. In a period of two months I was feeling much better, and I was even able to lift heavier weights.*


Florida, US

T.J. TitaniumPhysique was the best in helping me get on track with my training. He is very knowledgeable. Always made me feel safe & comfortable. He's the best.*


Massachusetts, US

TJ's fitness guide has everything you need to build a great physique, especially for men. He helped me get to a great physique. His knowledge is amazing.*


Arizona, US

TJ offered me guidance that helped me release pain in my shoulders. After a few weeks implementing the TitaniumPhysique program, I feel encouraged.*

frank testimonial

Safe & Comfortable

TJ's TitaniumPhysique was the best in helping me get on track with my training. He is very knowledgeable.*

Frank F.

moses testimonial

Real Results

In a space of about 3 months, I began to see real results. I highly recommend Titanium Physique.*

Moses N.

Sheri testimonial

Heal My Body

This program helps me push past my limits, get back in shape, eat healthy, take in the right food that heal my body.*

Sheri K.

*Fitness results varies by individual effort, as such, individual results may vary.

TitaniumPhysique 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk FREE. If you are not satisfied with the TitaniumPhysique program, you can get a full refund within 90 days. Just contact our support team via email, and we’ll gladly provide a refund: [support @ titaniumphysique.com]


Answering Your Common Questions

Here are answers to your most commonly asked questions

What is TitaniumPhysique?

TitaniumPhysique is an innovative tendonitis self-treatment solution for athletes. It's a complete all-in-one solution to treat and fix weight training tendonitis pain.

The TitaniumPhysique program will show you the fastest way to eliminate tendonitis from lifting weights (using a simple 3-Step Formula).

You will learn how to fix and get rid of common weight training injuries, including:

  • Tension, tightness, stiffness in neck/shoulder after lifting, neck pain
  • Shoulder tendonitis, Shoulder pain when lifting, Rotator cuff pain, Shoulder weakness pain, Shoulder blade pain
  • Elbow tendonitis, Elbow pain when lifting
  • Forearm pain when lifting
  • Wrist tendonitis, Wrist pain when lifting
  • Upper back pain, Mid-back pain when lifting
  • Lower back pain when lifting
  • Knee pain when squatting, Quadriceps tendonitis, Patellar tendonitis
  • Foot/heel pain, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis during exercise

The TitaniumPhysique program is a digital product. It includes easy-to-follow videos and step-by-step instructional manual.

What is the TitaniumPhysique 3-Step Formula?

The TitaniumPhysique 3-Step Formula is the fastest way to treat and fix tendonitis pain from lifting weights. The TitaniumPhysique 3-Step Formula can help you reduce chronic inflammation, replenish muscle magnesium levels, and release restricted muscles to eliminate tendonitis pain from lifting.

Step 1: Reduce Chronic Inflammation to Get Better
Step 2: Go Alkaline to Perform Better
Step 3: Release Restricted Muscles to Feel Better

The Root Causes of pain when lifting are:

  1. Chronic Inflammation (pain lasting over three months is a chronic inflammatory pain)
  2. Muscle Restriction (tight and restricted muscles from lifting weights)
  3. Joint Subluxation (misaligned joints caused by tight and restricted muscles)

To fix tendonitis pain (e.g. shoulder pain, elbow pain, forearm/wrist pain, back pain, knee pain or foot/heel pain), you need to:

  1. Reduce chronic inflammation in the body
  2. Replenish muscle magnesium levels
  3. Release restricted muscles

Traditional tendonitis remedies (e.g. joint vitamins, supplements, painkillers, joint support straps, sleeves, braces, anti-inflammatory pain relief creams) treat symptoms of tendonitis pain - NOT the ROOT cause. As a result, the tendonitis never heals, the pain comes back and often gets worse as you continue to lift. With TitaniumPhysique, you can fix the pain now, and counteract it from coming back.

Who is TitaniumPhysique for?

Anyone (MAN or WOMAN in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's or 60's) involved in physical training activity (weight lifting, calisthenic, yoga, cycling, running, tennis, football, golf, competitive sports) who experience chronic muscle injury pain, tendonitis pain, or joint aches, can use the techniques in this program to get relief from their workouts.

What's included in the TitaniumPhysique program?

Here's what's included in TitaniumPhysique:

TitaniumPhysique Program Videos (25+ Videos) - Step-by-step videos demonstrating how to treat and fix tendonitis and muscle injury pain:

[1] Tension, tightness, stiffness in neck/shoulder after lifting weights, neck pain
[2] Shoulder pain when lifting, Rotator cuff pain, Shoulder weakness, Shoulder blade pain
[3] Elbow tendonitis, Elbow pain when lifting
[4] Forearm pain when lifting
[5] Wrist tendonitis, Wrist pain when lifting
[6] Upper back pain, Mid-back pain when lifting
[7] Lower back pain when lifting
[8] Knee tendonitis, Knee pain when squatting, Quadriceps tendonitis, Patellar tendonitis
[9] Foot/heel pain, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis during exercise

TitaniumPhysique Guide (Digital Manual + Audiobook) Step-by-step instructions how to implement the TitaniumPhysique program (to fix and eliminate weight training tendonitis pain and muscle injury pain).

TitaniumPhysique 6-In-1 AudiobookListen on-the-go and accomplish your goals faster. Audiobooks included: TitaniumPhysique Guide, Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) Explainer Series, Build Muscles Get Ripped, Lose Fat Stay Lean, Peak Performance, and Ultimate Competition.

Power, Strength & Mobility (8 Videos) Full-body joint mobility exercise video for the neck, shoulders, wrist, knee, upper back, and lower back. Exercise tracking worksheet included.

Mobile App & Members Dashboard (Lifetime Access) Easily access everything immediately (on your phone, tablet or computer). Mobile app available for Android & iOS.

Free Bonus #1: Build Muscles, Get Ripped (Digital Manual + Audiobook) - Pack on pounds of new muscles in just 30 days (workouts included) - $39.00 value.

Free Bonus #2: Lose Fat, Stay Lean (Digital Manual + Audiobook) Effortlessly lose weight and get ripped abs. See results in just 7 days (meal plans included) - $39.00 value.

Free Bonus #3: Peak Performance (Digital Manual + Audiobook) Accomplish your bodybuilding and physique goals sooner using the Peak Performance Goal system - $29.95 value!

Free Bonus #4: Yoga For Athletes (Video) Get stronger, more flexible, and avoid common weight training injuries. Three routines included: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. This sells for $69 value but it's yours for FREE!

Free Bonus #5: Power Stretch (Video) Discover a powerful technique to get faster results from your workouts - $24.95 value!

Free Bonus #6: Ultimate Competition (Video, Digital Manual + Audiobook) Physique secrets and pro tips to crush the competition on stage (Includes: Contest Prep Checklist, Macro Calculators, Resources List, Custom Meal Plan Design How-To Video) - $295 value!

TitaniumPhysique Lifetime Access Get future updates and access to new TitaniumPhysique content.

Is TitaniumPhysique a digital or physical product?

TitaniumPhysique IS a digital product. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. You can access the program on your computer or from the TitaniumPhysique app (iOS and Android). Please note: iPhone NOT included with program.

What makes TitaniumPhysique different? Will it work for me?

Here's what makes TitaniumPhysique different...

The TitaniumPhysique program will show you the fastest way to fix the ROOT cause of the muscle injury pain and tendonitis pain, so you can exercise without tendonitis. With the  TitaniumPhysique program, you can fix tendonitis fast and prevent it from coming back.