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Nurudeen Tijani (aka T.J.) has a passion for helping people build the bodies they want through bodybuilding and weight training. He is a physique coach, fitness trainer, nutritionist, yoga instructor, natural bodybuilder, National Physique Committee (NPC) physique athlete, and the founder of TitaniumPhysique. Nurudeen is a member of the International Association Study of Pain (IASP) and the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA). His professional education and expertise on the topic of health, wellness and fitness lead him to create the TitaniumPhysique Guide.

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One of the most common problem faced by gym-goers is muscle injury pain and tendonitis pain during exercise. The most common include shoulder pain, elbow pain, forearm pain, wrist pain, lower back pain, and knee pain.

Unfortunately, conventional remedies (including joint vitamins, supplements, painkillers, workout braces, straps, sleeves) produce temporary or little-to-no relief and does not fix the ROOT CAUSE of weight training muscle injury pain or tendonitis pain. 

Anyone who lifts and who has tried these conventional solutions understands.

As a bodybuilder and someone who struggled with chronic weight training muscle injury pain and tendonitis for 5 years, Nurudeen realized the information available to gym-goers and weight lifters on how to fix and prevent tendonitis pain affecting their exercise routine was fragmented, incomplete and often simply inaccurate.

Nurudeen created the TitaniumPhysique Guide to help the millions of people who do weight lifting or strength training but struggle with muscle pain or tendonitis pain during exercise. 

Use this guide to develop easy and effective practices that quickly bring relief to your workout routine.


Nurudeen's wellness and fitness knowledge as a trainer, coach, nutritionist and yoga instructor are based on over 10 years of experience in the wellness and fitness industry, and ongoing professional training, experimentation, research and certifications.

Not only has Nurudeen transformed his physique and healed his body of common weight lifting muscle injuries and tendonitis, he has helped hundreds of his clients achieve similar results, according to their testimonials and review.

The following are some of the professional resources that has shaped Nurudeen's expertise on health/fitness:

    Nurudeen is the author of the Titanium Physique Guide and the Titanium Physique blog.

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